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Please note the website will going through some major renovations during the next few months. Thank you for your patience as we know that some of our information may be outdated. We are also working on a french version. The main page will always have the correct information. Thanks!

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Tutoring update (As of May 12th, 2015)

Dear Parents

Due to the high volume of students registered in our tutoring program, we have reached our maximum capacity of students.  We are closing the program to any new registrations as of Saturday May 30.  Please contact us in the meanwhile should you need tutoring before this date.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but it is important for us to maintain the tutoring program and not over register students which would compromise the quality of our tutoring program. 

Please take note that for students taking the secondary 4 ministry math exam, a practice test and correction with complete explanations will be given prior to the exam.  If you are interested, please let us know.  You will have to register your child for this day which consists of approximately 5 hours.  The fee will be 50$ for the day.  There will be more info to follow soon through our website and through the high schools. 

Thank you, DBYLC staff

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Camper registration form 2015

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You can also complete one at registration itself...but speed up your time by doing it earlier :)

Camp social and physical health form 2015

Does your child have any special needs? Is "active" at school? Has some major health concerns? Is being followed by a doctor/school for a particular social and/or health issue? Family issues? Needs a shadow? Particular assistance?

Please click here to fill out our camp health form and bring back to registration.

Camp brochures were also sent to the english schools!

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Over 600 children last year!

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Common question and answer document asked by parents 2015

View last year's version for now by clicking on this link

Smiley Bunch parent info guide 2014 (gives you an idea of what to expect this summer)

LDV grades 1+2 parent info guide 2014 (gives you an idea of what to expect this summer)

LDV Calendar 2014

Grades 3+4 parent info guide 2014 (gives you an idea of what to expect this summer)
Grades 5+6 parent info guide 2014 (gives you an idea of what to expect this summer)

Teen Spirit parent info guide 2014 (gives you an idea of what to expect this summer)

Teen Spirit Calendar 2014

Animator in Traning info guide 2014 (gives you an idea of what to expect this summer)
Camp Staff picture 2014

Summer camp registrations (Smiley Bunch K-camp, Happy Days, Teen Spirit, Animator-in-training, etc...) will be ready at the local schools right after Easter. For ages 4yrs to 15yrs. Over 600 children last year! Low cost. Non-profit. No extra costs. Certified Quebec camp and staff. Over 30 years experience in the RDP community!!! And don't forget, when you send your child to one of our camps, you're giving a young person in our east end community a chance to work at camp. Maybe one day it will be your child!

Don't worry. Registrations are in the month of May. All spaces guaranteed!

YLC brochure (January to April 2015) is out in the schools!

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Low cost tutoring. Ball hockey. Music. Dance. More!

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For info: 514-648-6421 or

Check out our official theme song video. Click here!

Check out our Halloween video. Click and here!

FNHL (Friday night ball hockey league teens) website!

Check it out for latest info, schedules and more!

Can you help the YLC?

Looking for arts and crafts supplies, updated computers, music equipment, sports equipment for our youth and teen programs at the YLC. Receipts and Charity receipts for income taxes are a possibility as well as info on our website. Please contact Theo at or Anna Tafuto at or 514-648-6421

Can you support the YLC financially?

The YLC will soon begin it's sponsoring campaign and we are looking for kind and generous businesses and companies that are willing to contribute to the positive impact of young people today! You get an income tax receipt and plenty of publicity in return. Please support the youth of our community, please support the YLC. Contact Theo Vecera at or 514.648.6421 if you're interested in learning more. Your 500$+ goes a loooong way!!!

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The YLC would like to acknowledge the assistance and friendship

of the City of Montreal's R.D.P Sports and Leisure department.

Our partnership is an important and needed collaboration.

We thank them for their resources and gym reservations.

French version of this website coming soon.



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