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Addressed to parents of Smiley Bunch and Grade 1,

Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate situation by the EMSB double booking LDV school, the YLC has to adjust our center structure to ensure that camper safety and structure programs are not compromised. 
We have been using LDV, Michaelangelo and East Hill schools for the last 30 years for our non-profit youth center and summer camps and never had to cohabitate for obvious reasons. 


A small private camp (20 children) will cohabitate with us at LDV (due to them being being mistakenly given a permit). There will be ABSOLUTELY NO MIXING of our campers and theirs. However, between certain planned hours of the day (10:00am - Noon and 1 Hour in the afternoon, still to be determined) we will need to split the gym with the dividers that are installed. During these times, Happy Days will use the RIGHT side of the gym. As for the other facilities, we do hold the reservation for them. 

Entrance and Dismissal Procedure at LDV: 

Happy Days camper and parent entrance will be from the GYMNASIUM entrance (same entrance as previous years). Please look for our signs as they will be marked. The other camp will use the entrance on Joliot Curie, in order to not mix up our children during these key times. 

For your information, this is the first time in our 30 years of community partnership that this has had to happen. We are however, hopeful that this is a unique situation which will not repeat itself next year as we are a non-profit affiliated organization with the city and the EMSB. 

This is the reason we moved Smiley Bunch to Michelangelo school (which has been used for many years in the past). The school is "closed in" with a park attached to it and a school yard. All activities will take place at Michelangelo. However, every Friday Smiley Bunch will be dropped off and picked up at the YLC third floor. Why? Because every Friday we have an optional Church celebration and universal special events in the afternoon. We don't want the campers to miss out on any SafeFun activities and events due to their distance from the YLC. 

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration with us as we navigate the situation. If there are any pressing issues or concerns please email us at

In Friendship, 

The DBYLC Administration

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