Please sponsor one of our amazing youth/teen projects!

Many of our events and projects are also fundraisers for our youth and teen programming. We operate on "a wing and a prayer" and rely on the generosity of our community. We know that "intervention is sexy" because you can see what's being done to hopefully remedy a problem but we lead with PREVENTION as our goal! To get the "kids before they get in trouble" and to invest in them and offer them leadership responsibilities and provide opportunities for social growth and mentorship journeying (investing in them so they can invest in themselves and also our society).


Every cent you or your company donates, goes back to our youth and teen programming...guaranteed! In return, we can provide income tax receipts (100$ and more) and publicity during our events, publicity at the youth community center, handouts to parents, etc... and of course, we're open to your suggestions! Feel free to contact Theo Vecera at or Anna Tafuto at or click below on one of our yearly projects/special events for more information!  Together, we can make a difference in our community and beyond!