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Last year, 586 campers enjoyed a "SafeFun" experience that is safe, supervised and dynamic! We have over 30 years of experience and we have the highest camp approval rating in the east end of Montreal! Low cost, city certified with creative and varied programming for all ages. Directed every year (since 1993) by Theo Vecera, who also has his four children involved in the camp program. Our staff (16yrs-25yrs) do a two month training (theory and practical) totalling 50 hours and have a police cheque performed (18+). All of our camp staff is known to us and the majority are involved in YLC, school and the community! 

This year's registration fee is 780$ for 6 weeks (includes outings, events and t-shirt). Rebates for the 2nd/3rd child if you take 4 weeks or more. You can also pay by week (130$) and then add the difference if you decide to register for more hours! The official camp brochure is now at the local English schools. Registration is either Wednesday, May 15th or 29th. 7:30pm to 9pm. Daycare is also available (7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm) and our Teen program (Sec 1+2) and Animator-in-training (Sec 3+4) are only 50$ per week! For more information, please contact Anna Tafuto or Theo Vecera at or 514-648-6421.



We are your home away from home! Our team is friendly, non-judgemental and always welcoming. We want you to help us make a difference in our community and beyond! So don't be afraid, just believe that YOU can and will make an impact. The team of Theo, Marysia, Fr. Richard and our contracted staff want to journey with you and provide you with a fun and cool space that you can be with your friends and make new friends! 

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T: 514-648-6421

F: 514-648-6404

Monday to Thursday: 3pm to 9pm

Friday: 3pm to 10pm

Saturday: 9am to 2pm

Sunday: Special events only

Note: The staff also has day shifts. Please call before coming or else you may be disappointed :) 

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