Teen activities 

(Teen Spirit. Coffeehouse/Future Leaders. Friday night hockey (FNHL). Funky Dance)

Good habits formed during the teenage years make all the difference in becoming a joyful, vibrant and responsible young person! The DBYLC's main focus is today's youth culture and providing opportunities for self-expression, journeying and developing skills that will provide confidence and courage. All this is done in a safe enviroment with fun programming and events that promote the spirit of having wholesome fun and friendships. The DBYLC also offers mentorship and moments to develop into future leaders at the YLC. Did you know that many of our leaders were once teeangers in our programs and events? You can be next! There's always something going on so check in often!

"Teen Spirit"

Friday nights 7pm to 10pm

For secondary 1+2+3. Supervised, friendly and fun! Led by YLC leaders. 

Video games + Pool + Billiardini + Ping pong + Food + Music + Outings + Chilling + Cool activities + More! 

50+ teens every Friday night! There's always some fun happening! Come anytime and bring a friend! 




Funky Dance

Different times. Different days.

Learn some really cool moves, laugh a lot with your friends, dance, dance and dance your heart away! For all skill levels! Don't be shy. Already 19 years of dancing to today's music. And then? We perform at our annual Youth Festival with over 300-500 people in attendance! 

Different times for different ages (4yrs to HS). 

Note: New program begins in October 2019. 



120$ for the year


Friday nights 7pm to 10pm

For secondary 4+5. A place to chill, jam and develop into future leaders.

We get it. No where to go and nothing to do sometimes. You need a space of your own. Away from younger kids. Well then, check out our coffeehouse room anytime during the school year. Awesome room to jam, do homework, plays PS4 and just hang out. Maybe later, help out with some of our special events, volunteer or even joining our summer camp team! Come anytime! 




Friday night hockey.

Friday nights 7pm to 9pm.

Over 70 teenagers play in our amazing league that is fun and friendly. We put you in a team and you're coached by our YLC leaders!

We also do outings, retreats and special events. Be part of something really special. We also recruit some of our summer camp staff from the "FNHL" (Friday night hockey league).

Sign up anytime during the school year! 



30$ Jan-May


We are your home away from home! Our team is friendly, non-judgemental and always welcoming. We want you to help us make a difference in our community and beyond! So don't be afraid, just believe that YOU can and will make an impact. The team of Theo, Marysia, Fr. Richard and our contracted staff want to journey with you and provide you with a fun and cool space that you can be with your friends and make new friends! 

Want to know more about Don Bosco's preventive system and why it's applied in so many youth organizations and schools around the world? Here's a good starting point! Click here to visit salesians.org


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Monday to Thursday: 3pm to 9pm

Friday: 3pm to 10pm

Saturday: 9am to 2pm

Sunday: Special events only

Note: The staff also has day shifts. Please call before coming or else you may be disappointed :) 

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