Tutoring program

Monday to Thursday: 3pm to 9pm. Saturday: 9am to 2pm. Done at the YLC.

Over 150 elementary and high school students every school benefit from low-cost and a strong tutoring program! Our tutors are all known to us and are college/university students. They are patient, creative and knowledgable int the subject they are tutoring. Done at the YLC in closed rooms that reduces distractions and that puts the emphasis on concentration and improved school results. Reach out to Anna Tafuto who will set up a time to meet with you in person. We do this in order to understand more the needs and challenges facing your child. A progress report/evaluation is also done by the tutor so we can have a stronger communication and direction with you the parent. Sign up anytime during trhe school year! 

How to Register for the Tutoring Program?

  • Start by calling Anna Tafuto at the YLC (514-648-6421 or ylcanna@hotmail.com). Please leave a message.

  • We will discuss what you need, and we will take all the registration information by phone.

  • Once we can place the student, we will call you back to confirm the day and time of your ongoing weekly session(s).

  • The sessions are one on one sessions which take place at the DBYLC.

  • Students are placed very quickly; usually within the same week.

  • On the first day of the student’s session, parents are asked to come in with the student to sign the registration form and to pay the onetime 20$ registration fee (valid for the present school year).

  • Parents will be given all the necessary information regarding tutoring parent guidelines and the tutor’s information.

  • Parents are also responsible for paying the tutor after each session with a cash payment of 20$/hour for their service, which is given directly to them.

  • Student are responsible for always bringing in their schoolwork for their session.


How Can you be a Tutor and make a difference?

The tutoring process for tutoring happens once a year at the beginning of the school year.  Applications are usually available online by the end of August.  Please print out, fill out, read all the terms of being a tutor, and return to us by the due date.  Applicants will be notified by email of their application status.